Nov. 26th, 2016 09:34 pm
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A computer scientist has pointed out irregularities in reported election outcomes in at least three states, in this 2016 US presidential election. These irregularities correlate with counties that use electronic voting with no human verification.

The only people with legal standing to request a hand count of all votes are the candidates. There are two barriers to requesting a recount: one is how it will look, and the other is cost. Recounts triggered by a state's automatic-recount law are paid for by the state, but a candidate requesting a recount has to pay for it themselves. There is a federal law that all recounts must be completed by Dec. 13th, so the nation can have a firm outcome and get on with life. Election workers will have to be paid for a lot of hours, including a lot of nights-and-weekends overtime, to finish by the deadline.

Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, has filed a petition for a full hand recount in Wisconsin. She has a fundraiser up to cover recounts in Michigan and Pennsylvania too; all three states had suspicious results.

Ms. Stein says this is an effort to ensure results are valid, and that everyone's vote is recorded correctly. That's all true and important. Honest and accurate elections are the basis of democracy.

I'm glad to see this is happening. I don't trust electronic counting one inch; you can display anything on a computer, regardless of what was scanned into one of its ports.

And I can't help noticing that Wisconsin has 10 electoral votes, Pennsylvania has 20, and Michigan has 16. Trump's total margin (reported) was 20 electoral votes.

Please, if you are a U.S. citizen or legal resident with any donation budget left, donate to the recount. We need to know the truth.

(Edited to add the detail that only U.S. citizens or legally resident aliens (Hi! Your tentacles are looking gorgeous today!) can donate for this.)


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