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Oursin graciously included me in a meme she's doing wherein I get to answer five questions she asks. Since my profile is a bit on the cryptic side, she came up with the following:

1) Resisting the temptation to ask, 'is your location somewhere south of a one-eyed yellow idol': are you living in the place you would choose, or is there somewhere where you would rather make your life?

I'm happy living in the northeastern U.S.A. I am a native New Englander, and my family is strongly traditional. The traveling I've done so far made it very clear that I belong here and nowhere else. If I moved far away, lost my accent, learned all the customs, and wore local clothes, I would still be 'that Yankee lady'.

On the other hand, there aren't many old-style Yankees left even here in Yankeeland, so sometimes I feel out of place anyway, like one of the last survivors of an ancient culture, possibly arrived by time travel.

2) Have you ever been to Nepal, or is it on your 'some day' list of places you would like to visit?

I've never been there. It might be neat to travel there someday, but that would probably be part of a round-the-world trip.

3) While thinking about greeneyed yellow gods, would you say that you subscribed to any belief (or unbelief) system?

Hmmm. Lots of belief systems. I learned feminism at my mother's knee. Strong second-wave influence there. For religion, I subscribe to the Baha'i faith.

I believe that cats try hard to communicate with us. My cat's communications often boil down to "Mom? Excuse me? Mom? Mom! MOMMMMM! FEED ME! I haven't eaten in an hour!"

I assume that luck demons listen to us. It is never a good idea to say things like "Nothing can stop me now!" or "We should be fine as long as it doesn't snow." I don't really believe in demons, or a sentient and reactive Fate, but fairy tales, Buffy, and F/SF reading have left me with a firm conviction that it's just not worth the risk.

And I believe that, if you break into people's house of worship and desecrate their sacred art, they will be angry, and probably come looking for you with extreme prejudice.

4) What works of feminism would you strongly advise the Colonel's daughter to read?

Probably The Female Eunuch, by Germaine Greer, for the message that trading sex appeal or conventionality for presents is not such a good idea. And maybe Cynthia Heimel on the benefits of directness, and not demanding a man jump through hoops to amuse you.

5) Resisting the temptation to ask 'any relation to Mad Carew', is there any particular significance to your username?

I thought of Kathmandu as an ancient trading nexus, like Samarkand. See, my father traveled through Samarkand when I was first a gleam in his eye, and my mother's best friend traveled through Nepal and Tibet, so in a way it feels like ancient trading nexuses are where the idea of me began.

And I like wordplay, so Kat -> cat -> catkin as in pussy-willow.


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